Club Rouge is located directly between the exhibition parking area and building in Zurich.

Driving directions
Via autobahn exits:

  • Zurich Oerlikon/Wallisellen (from St. Gallen) Zurich Oerlikon from city centre (Schöneich Tunnel)
  • Zurich Opfikon (only from the airport)
  • Zurich Affoltern (from Bern)
  • Zurich Schwammendingen = shortest route
    5 min. from the Schwammendingen exit.

From all directions (Bern, St. Gallen, airport) take the Nordring in the direction of Zurich city center, Chur.

  1. Take the Schwammendingen exit.
  2. Turn right at the first traffic light.
  3. Then drive straight on until you see the traffic light with the "Messeparking" symbol
  4. Turn right and drive straight on till Hallen Stadium.
  5. Right after Hallen Stadium turn right onto Siewerdtstrasse 69. After 50 meters you’ll find Club Rouge in the first building on the left.

From all other autobahn exits follow the signs directing you to "Messe Zürich - Hallenstadion", recognizable by the blue "Z",Wegweiser-Zeichen zum Messegelände in Zürich which will easily guide you to the exhibition parking area along Hagenholzstrasse in 5 - 10 minutes.
You’ll be at the Rouge sex club in just 2 - 3 minutes.
Prices of the exhibition parking area: 1h = CHF 3.-, 3h = CHF 9.-, 5h = CHF 15.-

In addition to the exhibition parking area you can also use our convenient club parking spaces or the Ice Stadium parking area located in Siewerdtstrasse.


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It’s easy to recognize the entrance area to the club by the legendary number "69".


Directions via public transport
The Rouge sauna club can be reached directly by tram or bus from Zurich Central Station as well the Zürich-Oerlikon railway station.

Directions by plane
From the Zurich airport you can easily reach Club Rouge by taxi in 5 - 10 minutes.
Address: Siewerdtstrasse 69, CH-8050 Zurich (near the Zurich Exhibition Centre)

The Zurich airport/Kloten to Zurich Central Station railway line stops at the Zürich-Oerlikon station, from where you can easily reach the sex club.